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03:25pm 09/06/2010
mood: dorky
Another possible journal transformation. I just don't want to get rid of this one, despite the fact that I do not post here often anymore... it has value in the hidden (locked) entries of the past for me. Memories... always to cherish.

Let us see what may (or may not) come of this.

On a fresh note:
Who here likes Pie?! XD


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Friends Only   
08:39pm 15/06/2005
mood: complacent
***all of you know that this journal is friends only. I am only remaking a Friends Only entry in order to have a non-friends-only entry below it... instead of above... thats just weird*** (this note will be removed eventually)

----Completely Generic Friends Only Notice----

Oh my creativity abounds...

~Michie the Third

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My Colour Bars:   
07:20pm 15/06/2005
mood: ditzy
Colour BarsCollapse )

Colour Bars are Love <3


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02:44pm 09/06/2003
mood: complacent
Okay okay! I have three journals X.x and haven't really been doing much on any of them at late. I suppose its just one of those on again/off again things ^-^ I'd hate to have this journal just for like whining and complaining and such...

any ideas for me to do with it? O.o

*pokes at her journal* hmm... I know I could do some interesting stuff with it, if I ever took the time to... but... nyah -.- lazy me.

*yawns and flops* Silly journal peoples ^-^

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04:37pm 01/02/2003
mood: bored

You are Yuuki Miaka

You love food, boys, and hate studying. However, you are tying to make your family happy by tyring your hardest to do things that are too hard. Often, when things get really tough, you depend on your friends to bail you out. You trust in others to do what is best, even when they often dissappoint you. Your greatest need is loyalty, and it is also your greatest asset.

Take the "What Magic Girl are you?" Quiz
woo, I didn't even cheat :)

...and another.Collapse )

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01:46pm 25/01/2003
mood: busy
I should be studying right now, oh well.

Three Quizies from Koma_Chan. Enjoy!Collapse )

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Need to post a few of these:   
06:27pm 03/01/2003
mood: giggly
I Am

Which tarot card are you?

Spiritual enlightenment, inner illumination, hidden power. Link between seen and unseen. Balance of positive and negative forces. Receptivity. Unseen guidance.
A young woman sits on a throne holding a scroll labeled "Tora" meaning "law." On her breast is the sign of the meeting of heaven and earth, the Maltese cross. Her crown is the full orb supported by horns, the crown ofthe Mother Goddess Isis, who rules all things changeable, shown by the moon at her feet. Her power, upon which her throne rests, derives from the creative principle of duality, shown by the two pillars of light and darkness. To those who know and love her she dispenses the sweet fruit of the world itself, symbolized by the pomegranites.

More interesting quiz-thingsCollapse )

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To know is to grow:   
06:17pm 29/12/2002
mood: complacent
Misc. Quizes for Viewing PleasuresCollapse )

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10:16pm 09/12/2002
mood: busy

You're like Aya Mikage!

You're an ordinary person living a normal life, but things can change so quickly. You're life has turned upside down! You're battling against a part of yourself that seems unreal.

...and another...Collapse )

...hms, now I gotsta study...

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Words of the Moment:   
06:57pm 17/11/2002
mood: rushed

-.- I'm being a major brat, I have to study, but quite frankly, I don't really want to ;) heh. Ok ok, I'm going to study. Anyway ^-^
Things I'd rather be doing:
> Writing in one of my stories.
> Spending much time with la Mexican.
> Wasting time online looking for anime pics.
> Seeing a movie or some such thing with the Mexican.
> Taking a nice relaxing bath.
> Talking over my story ideas with the Mexican.
> Watching another few episodes of the Slayers
> With the Mexican right now, instead of him being gone shopping wifout me.
> Tormenting my three lil doggies.
> Writing a worthless journal entry... heh.

Now wasn't that fun! :)

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its ok   
02:39pm 14/10/2002
mood: pessimistic
A picture I drew, titled 'Its Ok'Collapse )

I've never really tried to draw much anime, usually
its just been animals, twas a bit akward for me... I'm not
good with the humanoidish form.

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College (boring entry)   
02:00pm 10/09/2002
mood: busy
College starts back up September 25th here, fun fun. I've just been getting all that stuff organized and seeing which courses I can weasel my way into (they gave me my scheduling PAC (personal access code) late! grrr!).

Anywho, I'm going to need to switch to a different advisor, get into the Education/teaching program and see what requirements I have left, since I've taken quite a bit already.

My mom has been hounding me to go up to college today to talk to people... ack, I need to figure out what I exactly need to talk to them about... about time I started looking into this stuff...

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Junk Mail   
01:01pm 07/09/2002
mood: cheerful

What is your Alter-Ego

More Quizes Here!Collapse )

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Femin' Quizes   
04:38pm 02/09/2002
mood: good

What's your Style? Find out here!

Quiz made by Chesa

What's your Chocolate flavor?

Quiz made by Chesa

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Shades of Violet   
02:54pm 31/08/2002
mood: chipper
My inner Goddess color is Violet!
© What's your Inner Goddess Color?? © Jen

VIOLET represents the seventh and highest quality a person attains
- noble spiritual aspiration.
Its planet is Jupiter, rules the metal tin and the jewel Sapphire.
In its medical action it approaches the realm of ultraviolet.
It cools the nerves, is magnetic and antiseptic.
Purple and violet speak of honor,
spirituality and self-esteem.


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The One that is the One Card   
09:10pm 23/08/2002
mood: amused

Trading Cards
Free Account Edition
User Number: 665421
Date Created:2002-08-12
Number of Posts: 6

The One that is the One. The One and only. The great Me-ness that is. Also often found playing fetch, rolling over, and playing dead. -woof!- Don't hate me because I'm cute... ^-^
Strengths: Self-Proclaimed Cuteness factor brought on by ego-like characteristics, although likely just her craziness.
Weaknesses: Can't lie... terrible lier... will never make it out there... really...
Special Skills: Hiding away in the shadows created by herself...
Weapons: Fangs, claws, and uncanny likableness.
Currently: 2002-08-23 Sitting in a chair, wrapped in a kitty & puppy dog blankie.

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Just one of the crowd   
08:49pm 23/08/2002
mood: amused

I am a gamma!
Are you an alpha, beta, or gamma girl?

~Find Your Beauty Aura~

Come get your fortune read!

Created by ptocheia

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Time is a valuable thing...   
08:23pm 17/08/2002
mood: good

There is much I would like to say in this journal, but as of yet have lacked the time, and still do... so ... this shall be it.
I'm much too silly for my own good. X.x ... and perhaps not all that sane at times... even a bit crazy... well, I really must be.
Hmmm... for lack of any decent content, I'll make this entry "Public" ^-^

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