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My Colour Bars:

FLCL is confusing love
Color bar by nailbunny10

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
30STM is out of this world love.

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Squirrels are Fuzzy Love!

Koga Is Hot Wolf Demon Love

Wolf's Rain is paradise

made by doktor_katze
Excel is Psycho Love.

Wolf's Rain is Love

Wolf's Rain wolfs are puppy love

Ayame Is Wolf Girl Love

Magic Knights are love.
Magic Knights are love.

Kilala Is Kawaii Cat Demon Love

made by doktor_katze
Hyatt is Fall Over Dead Love.

Yukino and Arima are perfection
By bathtub

Inuyasha & Kagome Is True Love

Inuyasha Is Powerful Love

Demon Inuyasha Is Dangerous Love

Lucky Star is love

Himeko Is Clumsy Love

colorbar by amethyst_fluff

colorbar by amethyst_fluff
Nerds are love

Inner Senshi are love.
Inner Senshi are love.

made by doktor_katze
Excel x Il Palazzo is a type of Loyalty you could surely call Love.

Sailor Mercury is love.
Sailor Mercury is love.

Juro is Angsty Tragic Love
colorbar by crazyweazulicon

made by doktor_katze
Lord Il Palazzo is Control the Ignorant Masses Love.

Colour Bars are Love <3

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